Hexalong, Point-to-Point Hand Sewing, Lesson #1, Printing Templates on Freezer Paper

July 18, 2011 § 4 Comments

Today I will show you a method for making templates out of freezer paper for point-to-point hand sewing.

The first thing you will need is your very own paper copy of the hexagon templates.  Lynne has a comprehensive list of options for creating your own templates here.  You can also find the original Candied Hexagon templates here and here.  So, get yourself a set of templates on paper, sized exactly how you want them, and then let’s meet back here.

Printing your own templates onto freezer paper is easy as pie!

For this example, let’s use the largest hexagon, template “A”.

  • Have a copy of the template you want to copy at hand.  Do NOT include seam allowances.  We’ll add those later.

  • Get yourself a sheet of plain white printer paper.  Then cut a piece of freezer paper that is just slightly smaller than your sheet of printer paper.
  • Tape the freezer paper, shiny side down onto your piece of printer paper making sure to adhere the tape quite well.  You don’t want any loose bits to hang up in your printer (personal experience).  I used masking tape, but cellophane tape should work equally well.
  • Load your freezer paper that was taped to your printer paper into the paper tray of your printer.  You will probably know how your printer likes its paper loaded.  Mine goes in “face down”.   If you don’t know which way is up with your printer, put an ‘x’ on a piece of paper, make a copy onto it and find out which side ends up and which side ends down.  Make a note and post it close to your printer so you don’t forget next time you want to do this.
  • Load your template onto the copy bed, make a copy, et voila, you have the template copied onto freezer paper and didn’t have to buy any of that super expensive freezer-paper-for-printers stuff!

So simple, right?  In the next posts, I will show you the steps involved in transferring the templates to fabric, marking sewing lines and seam allowances and how to get started in point-to-point hand sewing.

Oh, and I promised a tip on marking templates and cutting fabric for matching stripes or other fussy cuts.

In this example, I used template “B” – the six piece hexagon.

See how the dark stripes are indicated on the template?  This one isn’t ironed down, so it’s a bit wonky, if it were ironed down, the stripes and the pencil marks would line up exactly.  I use this same freezer paper template to mark and cut out all six parts of the hexagon.  Before ironing the template to the fabric, just line up the pencil marks with the dark stripes.  Easy, right?  You can use the same idea for matching other sorts of patterns, too.

If you have any questions, please ask and I will try my best to help sort it out.  This tutorial thing is new to me and I’m sure to have missed some very important steps along the way.

Now, I’ve got to get sewing … lord knows how many hexagons Lynne has finished while I’ve been writing this post!


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