HAL – Dealing with Intersections

July 24, 2011 § 10 Comments

Today I’m connecting some of my HAL blocks and thought it might be a nice time to put up a little tutorial and share with you how I handle intersections in my point-to-point hand sewing.

But first, you may remember this piece of inspiration from last week:

It’s from Renee, aka “playingwithbrushes” on flickr.   She creates beautiful paper collages and wouldn’t you know it … she also sells some of her work in fabric form on Spoonflower.

After latching on to Renee’s photo as the inspiration for my HAL quilt, I just had to order some of her fabrics, too.  Here are a few tidbits.

I absolutely love them.  They are perfect additions to HAL, and the flying fish makes me ridiculously happy.  So, of course, that’s the one I’ll be working with today.

Let’s inset that fish!

I’m going to start by connecting the fish block to the hydrangea block on the bottom.  So, I’ve lined them up right sides facing and will pin through the cross-hairs at the start and finish of my sewing line as in Lesson #3.

Off I go … I’ll sew the seam until I reach the intersection of the cross stitched “B” block.

Don’t forget your backstitch!

Now, I need to realign the blocks.  I’ve finished with “fish to hydrangea”, now I’m moving on to “fish to B”.  So, let’s take our needle on a little trip through the intersection.  The key here is to only travel through two pieces of fabric at a time.

First, travel through the cross-hairs at the end of seam “fish to hydrangea”, the one we just finished.

Now, we are at the beginning of seam “fish to B”, but we’re on the wrong side.  I’m right handed and need to be on the other side to sew from right to left.  So, once more, take your needle through the cross-hairs of the “fish block” and into the “B block”.

Here we are, getting ready to pull the needle through:

Pull the thread through, and now, we’re set!

I’ll flip the fabrics over to show you the view from an appropriate sewing angle.

Pin the end of the seam, through the cross-hairs, and sew the two blocks along the marked sewing line.

Two down, one to go.  Now we need to do the same bit of traveling, this time from “fish to B”, to “fish to other hydrangea”.  Here’s a photo:

Take your needle through the cross-hairs of “B” and “fish”, then through the cross-hairs of “fish” and “hydrangea” and you’ll be all lined up for the final seam.  Pin and sew as before, et voila!  One inset fish.

This was a very simple example of dealing with intersections in point-to-point hand sewing, but if you are contemplating the Camelot quilt, the idea of passing through the intersection of only two pieces of fabric at a time will be very helpful.


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